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interactive teaching

Transform the classroom experience.
Engage your students with interactive content.
Unleash their creativity with iiyama LFD touchscreens.
Let’s make teaching and learning fun!

A picture is worth a thousand words
Perfect picture performance
Professional high-end panels deliver supreme,
rich colour clarity and are made for long time use.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Wide viewing angles
Perfect for classroom / lecture theatre environments
A picture is worth a thousand words
Perfect Match
Variety of sizes suitable for smaller and larger groups.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Mounting solutions
mounting solutions and sofware
iiyama LFD touhscreens work perfectly with most common used classroom software
like Smart, Gynzy, Promethean, Easiteach, Omnitapps, Open-Sankore etc.
If you are already using windows 7 or 8 you take advantage of
“ink tools” to allow annotation over Powerpoint, Excel, Word, One Note etc.
Being VESA Mount compatible the iiyama LFDs are easy to fit in any classroom
environment using standard, commercially available brackets and stands.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Infra Red Touch technology guarantees accurate,
smooth and stable Interaction
with multiple touch points
A picture is worth a thousand words
Anti glare
Anti glare coating absorbs the ambient light
and ensures image clarity at all angles.
The AG coating also gives a smooth, fluid touch
– important for handwriting/annotation exercises
A picture is worth a thousand words
Exclusive to any education customer, iiyama offer
a full 5 year on site swap out warranty free of charge.
An upgrade to a full de/re-install
warranty for the 5 year term is also available.
LFD or beamer?

See the difference

Large format display:
- high brightness and rich colors unaffected by ambient lighting
- no distortion and no shadow
- quiet operation
- long lifetime of 40.000 hours
- easy installation
- image clarity highly dependent on  envioromental conditions
- distortions and shadows
- can be noisy
- lifetime of 2.000 hours
- complex installation & costly maintenance
Customer story
Bringing interactive to the classroom
"It feels as if your fingers, like, turn into a pencil and it's a lot of fun to do."
- check out how iiyama screens transform the classroom experience.
When opening our new service, “Spectrum at Noke”, in Redhill, we knew we wanted to incorporate some interactive technologies. We work with a group of adults who have learning disabilities, with a particular emphasis on those with an Autistic Spectrum Condition. Finding new, and creative ways to enable communication, and interaction, has always been of the utmost importance to us. We looked into various options, and, after being given a demonstration by Selectasize, we decided to choose an iiyama Interactive Screen.

Selectasize came and installed the whole kit for us, complete with speakers, all required cables, and the screen on a hydraulic stand to allow us to move it up and down according to the individuals height. This has made it accessible for all. They ran through how everything worked, and, (very helpfully) left us with a contact number and REAL person we could speak to with any queries.

We have now been using the iiyama screen, for a number of weeks, and have been really impressed with how quickly our client group have got to grips with it.

It has been fantastic for our “Communication”, and “All About Me” sessions. We have also used it to run interactive displays of the sessions, and activities, and this has meant some of our clients have been able to show there family, friends and support staff what they have been doing.
As a tool, it’s incredibly empowering for both our clients, and staff team. For those who may feel nervous of technology, I’d advise you to give it a try, you’ll be amazed just how easy it is to use!
Mark Davidson
Lead Role, Spectrum@Noke
Right for Success Academy Trust
The Right for Success Academy Trust has been pro-actively deploying iiyama interactive touchscreens across our academies for 2 years now and will continue to do so. We believe that iiyama displays offer unrivalled quality vs cost, fantastic after sales support and in real terms reduces our overheads in terms of IT. As a teacher, I use an iiyama touchscreen daily and it's a pure joy; HD, super responsive and never has to be calibrated. It's like having a 65inch tablet in your teaching toolbox and makes interactive lessons a breeze. Most importantly, the children understand and interact with my iiyama 65" and that is what's I called engagement.
Meet our LFD's
scroll inside the screen for more
tailored to the needs
of your classroom
Desktop solutions
P-Series - iiyama special forces serving education
The toughened safety glass
fitted behind the bezel at 8H
hardness rating is capable of
resisting above normal
impacts to the display.
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